I Am a Primate For Progress


This campaign is focused on ending experiments on nonhuman primates at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). About 150,000 animals are used in experiments at UCLA each year. They are hidden in windowless rooms and behind locked doors so most people do not even know they are there.

Until they are freek we must put our faces on their pain and use our voices to advocate for them.

Please take a picture of yourself holding a sign telling UCLA that you do not support experiments on nonhuman primates. Your message should address why you oppose experiments on nonhuman primates or monkeys and/or ask UCLA to stop allowing primate research on their campus. Please post the picture on your social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) and include the following text with your post:

#UCLA #IAmAPrimateForProgress           -OR-           #UCLA #IAmAPrimateForProgress
@UCLA stop abusing animals!                                              @UCLA free the monkeys!

Then email us the picture (ProgressForScience@gmail.com) so we can post it here!

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