Act Now

There are a lot of things you can do to help stop experiments on nonhuman primates at UCLA. Please act now and join our mailing list to learn more about Progress For Science campaigns.

1.) Get Active

If you are in the Los Angeles or Twin Cities, MN areas, join our mailing list and check in on our Facebook page or calendar of events regularly to keep posted about what we are doing. Then come on out and take action with us!

2.) Join the “I Am A Primate For Progress” Campaign 

Please take a picture of yourself holding a sign telling the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) that you don’t support research on animals. This campaign is focused on ending experiments on nonhuman primates at UCLA. Your message should address why you oppose experiments on nonhuman primates and/or ask UCLA to stop allowing primate research on their campus. Check out other pictures form the campaign!

Please post the picture on social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) and include the following text:

#UCLA #IAmAPrimateForProgress
@UCLA stop abusing animals!


#UCLA #IAmAPrimateForProgress
@UCLA free the monkeys!

Then email us the picture ( so we can post it on our website!

3.) Host a Picture Party

Want to do more to help but you don’t live in the Los Angeles or Twin Cities area? Host a picture party to help us get more photos for our I Am A Primate For Progress campaign. Or print signs and ask friends and family to hold them and snap some pictures for us.

4.) Contact UCLA to demand they stop experimenting on monkeys

Many of the experiments on nonhuman primates occur in the Department of Psychology and the Brain Research Institute. Below are the publicly listed emails and phone numbers for key decision makers and those who have the ability to disseminate our opinions to them. Please contact them and ask them to stop allowing experiments to be conducted on nonhuman primates. The point of these calls and emails is to request a change, not to harass or threaten.

If you are not sure what to say, there is sample text below to help get you started.

Who to Contact:

Psychology Department office
Phone: 310-825-2961
Fax: 310-206-5895

Email the department using their online form (be sure to select “Main Psychology Office”)

Chair of the Dept of Psychology
Bruce L. Baker

Assistant to the Chair
Courtney Cechini
310-825-2288 (same as Bruce Baker’s)

Dept of Psychology Office Manager
Alicia N. Espinosa
(310) 825-6088

Chair of the Behavioral Neuroscience Core
Franklin B. Krasne
(310) 825-2497, (310) 825-4550

Director of the Brain Research Institute
Christopher Evans
(310) 826-7884

Email Block –to email all at once,,,

Sample Letter/ Phone Script
I am [writing/ calling] to ask UCLA’s Department of Psychology to stop supporting research on nonhuman primates. I am particularly disturbed by the work being done with recreational drugs and substance abuse as these are human-specific ailments that cannot be adequately studied using nonhuman models. David Jenstch is a professor in the department who has made a career off of forcibly addicting nonhuman primates to drugs. We already know that nicotine, methamphetamine and other addictive drugs are harmful. Your department would better help the community by studying these issues with more effective human models in ways that can benefit people currently suffering from problems such as substance abuse. Professor Jenstch’s work is even more problematic in light of the fact that your department allows him to mentor graduate students and teach them to engage in the same unethical research.

UCLA prides itself on having the best and brightest faculty and being ahead of the curve when it comes to research. But primate research is not at the forefront of the field of psychology. Most universities worldwide no longer tolerate research on nonhuman primates. Not only is it not ethical, but it is not useful. Nonhuman primates are not humans, so they do not consistently produce accurate results, they are not willing participants, and more accurate alternatives exist. The Department of Psychology should catch up to other universities in the US and European Union and put a halt to research on nonhuman primates.

Allowing this type of research in your department is shameful, morally bankrupt, and shows a total disregard for the community of students, tax payers, and animals—all of whom suffer from unethical research and bad research models. I am hopeful you will cease allowing such research in the Department of Psychology at UCLA.