Who We Are

Progress for Science is a campaign primarily focused on ending vivisection at the University of California, Los Angeles. Our first objective is to end primate research at UCLA. Progress has three goals: 1) educate the public, 2) hold researchers accountable for their actions, and 3) demand that funding for these experiments stop.

Progress for Science is focused on UCLA because so much of the research there is funded by tax payer dollars, their labs have been cited with numerous animal welfare violations, they are one of only a handful of public universities using nonhuman primates in their research, and so much of their research is frivolous (e.g. testing whether nicotine is addictive—I think we know the answer to that one!).

In conjunction with UCLA, Progress for Science also seeks to end addiction studies at the University of Minnesota (see Marilyn Carroll) and the pipeline through which primates and dogs enter the United States to be tortured and killed in research labs (see Delta).

We only promote above-ground activism focused on ending vivisection and educating the public. Along with rejecting animal abuse and inequality, we oppose all forms of discrimination and oppression of human and nonhuman animals. Sexism, racism, classism, ableism, heterosexism, interpersonal violence or other types of behavior that discriminate or abuse will not be tolerated at any of our events and at times we may mobilize against these atrocities as well.

We believe the only effective way to end senseless, unethical animal research is to approach it from all angles, to do so consistently, and to do so with a large base of supporters. We combine outreach, education, public engagement, political agitation, and protest.

Empowering communities through education is a key component of our campaigns. Progress utilizes a variety of tactics and tools to engage the public and get them on board with our goals.  Some outreach events have included streaming videos of vivisection in public spaces, street theater, and public funeral services to honor animals killed in labs (see below). These events give us an opportunity to speak to the public, engender engagement, and provide interested individuals with opportunities to sign petitions or send letters to key university and corporate decision makers.

We also directly engage in activism on a regular basis.  These actions include call-in campaigns to key decision makers and funders of animal experiments, holding candlelight vigils for the animals who have died in labs, and educating the community in which those who engage in animal experimentation live. By remaining vocal in the face of injustice and urging for transparency from those who conduct animal experiments, an informed public body is created.

There is something suitable for everyone, so anyone can get active and help stop animal experiments at UCLA, the University of Minnesota, and beyond!